Employee Application

Take control of your hiring process

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A powerful onboarding solution that suits your needs

TivaCloud’s onboarding solution will simplify your recruiting and hiring process by giving your hiring team access to the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. Plus, make it easy for the right candidates to apply!

Applicants can apply online via your public job board

Link your own custom public job board on your company’s website. Your company branded job board will showall your available job listings, where applicants can apply online. You’ll receive email notifications when a new resume has been submitted.

Applicant Tracking

Within TivaCloud’s onboarding system, all candidates can be tracked through an inbox-style management system. From there, you can rate applicants to keep your top candidates organized, review resumes and cover letters, and directly assign candidates to an onboarding program.

Custom Onboarding Programs

TivaCloud’s onboarding solution allows you to create custom onboarding tasks for candidates to complete that can include applications, background reports, certifications, training documents. Plus, track where candidates are in their onboarding programs.

See how our onboarding solution can streamline your hiring process today

Request a demo with one of our TivaCloud representatives to get an inside look at all our onboarding features. Onboarding is not currently included in our subscription plans.