It’s an excellent idea for employees and for everyone to know first aid fundamentals: how to stop bleeding, start breathing, start a stopped heart beating again, and give any other vitally needed care until professional help arrives.

Whether or not you’ve had any first aid training, you should know this principle that is too often forgotten in many emergencies: DON’T MOVE ANYONE WHO APPEARS TO BE SERIOUSLY INJURED. Well-meaning people often have the impulse to hoist an accident victim to a sitting position, or pointlessly move them from here to there…or from there to here.

The victim of a bad fall, or of some other accident on your project, might have internal injuries or a fractured spine; if so, trying to move him needlessly might aggravate the injury—might permanently cripple, or even kill them!

Things to remember:
1.Call for emergency backup
2.Identify persons with special skills
3.Don’t move the victim
4.Try and comfort the victim until emergency help arrives
5.Remain calm

Wait until experts arrive who will transport the victim to a hospital with a minimum of danger. If the person must be moved to save them from additional danger, try to work a blanket or coat under them, and then pull them gently along the ground to a safe location. If they must be lifted, support each part of his body so that his entire frame is kept in a straight line.

Good first aid is not only knowing what to do—how to stop excessive bleeding, or restore breathing; it’s also knowing what not to do—not to move a seriously injured person unless absolutely necessary.

So if someone is ever seriously hurt on the job, see that professional help is called right away—then see that what needs to be done is done… and that what needs not be done isn’t done.