Do you realize you may be risking serious injury many times a day and not even know it? Well, it’s true if you don’t lift correctly. Improper lifting may cause back injuries that can take months and even years to heal. Sometimes they are permanent and disabling. A little know how, however, can enable you to lift correctly.


Give the load the once-over. If it looks too heavy, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be sure you’re wearing safety shoes. There is always the chance of dropping something on your toes. If the object has rough or sharp edges, wear a good, tough pair of work gloves. They’ll give you a good grip and protect your hands.



Crouch down with the load between your legs and get a good grip on the object. As you rise, lift with your legs, keeping your back vertical and the load as close to you body as possible. If you have to place the load to your left or to your right, don’t twist your body. Move your feet instead. When you have to lower a load, simply reverse the knees bent, back vertical procedure.



Let’s quickly review what we said about lifting:

1. Don’t lift more than you can handle. Ask for help with heavy loads.

2. Wear safety shoes.

3. If the object is rough or sharp, wear gloves. 4. Lift with your legs and not your back. 5. Keep the load close to your body.