Management Software for Fleets of All Sizes

Real-Time Management

Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM) comes loaded with real-time notifications keeping your fleet safe, functioning and profitable. Weekly email alerts beginning 45 days out (or with customized timing) to assigned users keeps key personnel aware of all upcoming maintenance, repair and performance data and events.

Endless Management Capabilities

Compliance Safety Manager™ (CSM) allows you to manage an unlimited number of assets including preventative maintenance schedules, accident reports, log notes and comments.

See Your Fleet In Action

CSM allows users to monitor and track maintenance to vehicles and their subsystems (engines, tires, hydraulics, etc.) and captures detailed information on each asset type, storing and archiving documents for warranties, scheduling work orders, licensing due dates, costs, preventative maintenance and service records, usage, and reporting.

Upload Important Files Online

With fleet-related files and images stored in CSM, you will always be able to access critical documents wherever you are.