Vehicle Fleet Management Software for Any Industry

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Compliance Safety Manager is a fully customizable fleet management solution. It saves companies across all industries time and money with automated regulatory and compliance processes. Always be prepared for a DOT audit, run reports, share information across departments and most importantly, ramp up efficiencies.

As a cloud based fleet management platform, Compliance Safety Manager consolidates all personnel information, asset data and mandated documents in one easy-to-access database.

Say goodbye to fragmented information, reconciling spreadsheets and multiple touch-points. Our all-in-one fleet management software keeps driver files, telematics data, inspection reporting and much more at your fingertips!

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The Many Benefits of our Online Fleet Management System

Compliance Safety Manager is the ideal fleet management software for any business committed to embracing the safety of all assets, managing risk and maintaining compliance initiatives.

Regardless of industry, our fleet management platform will:

  • Reduce Administration Tasks
  • Capitalize on Time Management
  • Share Information across Multiple Departments
  • Manage Detailed Online Files: Driver, Asset and Accident Reporting
  • Automate Alcohol and Drug Testing from Start to Finish
  • Identify Performance, Cost Savings and Growth Opportunities
  • Manage Compliance for DOT, OSHA, EPA, and FMCSA

Schedule action points and move on to the next item on your to-do list. Automated alerts will keep you on track and deadline oriented.

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Here Are Some of the Industries We Serve


Structure scheduling, reduce unproductive travel time and optimize compliance processes with our transport fleet management software. Your transportation fleet will benefit from maintaining regulatory employee credentials and maintenance checklists to ensure there are no gaps in your compliance efforts.


Determine best practices and invest in ongoing compliance measures with fleet management software designed specifically for your concrete/redi-mix fleet. Capture detailed information on all assets, avoid fines and violations with thorough documentation.

Waste & Recycling Companies

Go deeper than a top-line view of your trash company fleet and satisfy regulatory mandates with our heavy equipment fleet management software. Identify performance gaps, confirm violation corrections and develop robust driver qualification (DQ) files with our higher-level fleet management solution.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Optimize the workflow of your oil, gas and mining fleet with the advanced tracking capabilities of our vehicle fleet management software. Capitalize on time management, reduce the burden of manual tracking, meet compliance deadlines and remain audit-ready.


Manage the administrative multi-tasking of your fleet with our comprehensive online fleet management solution. Maintain records in accordance with ELD mandates, track HOS data in a dynamic database, ensure compliance of FMCSA regulations, monitor fuel consumption in real-time and improve overall distribution efficiencies.


Effectively monitor compliance procedures and maximize operational efficiencies with the automated procedures of our construction fleet management software. Reduce vehicle downtime, increase driver productivity and organize electronic files for quick retrieval of information. Email alerts and training reminders keep your construction fleet moving forward and fully compliant.

Towing Companies

Streamline communication and respond quickly to DOT auditors with our sophisticated fleet management software. Track inventory details and status history of your towing fleet, track driver assignments and easily achieve a 25/10 score with automated drug and alcohol management.

Medical Transport

Save money with our paperless fleet management platform. Request and record drug tests, identify areas of improvement and manage all-inclusive driver logs to reduce fatigue and improve the safety of your NEMT fleet.

Lawn & Landscaping

Protect your lawn and landscaping fleet from unnecessary legal exposure with our online fleet management software. Upload documents, manage personnel records and keep employees current with their qualifications with automated reminders. One easy to access data system allows for quick reporting during DOT audits and internal compliance checks.

Service Providers

Increase business intelligence and customize compliance initiatives with our online fleet management system. Regulate employee and asset records, perform instant HOS audits, supply Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) and make proactive decisions for your service provider fleet.


Reduce the risk of your manufacturing fleet with our fully integrated fleet management software. Improve driver policies, streamline maintenance scheduling, adhere to relevant inspection guidelines and maintain up-to-date licensing for full compliance.

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You don’t need to know all DOT rules and regulations – Because our software does! All you do is supply the information.

Our software is designed for companies across all industries and vehicle types: big, small, mid-size, beginner, established, rebranded, general service, niche and more!

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