Manage Your Drivers With Ease

Keep Your Drivers Road-Ready

Track all aspects of driver compliance information including Drug Tests, Drivers Licenses, Certificates of Compliance and Violations, Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs), Road Tests, and more.

Stay Up-To-Date With Automatic Notifications

Never get behind on expired data again. With CSM, you will receive dashboard and email notifications that track important data including driver’s licenses, physical cards, HAZMAT, motor vehicle reports, annual reviews, and more. Set reminders for those periodic tasks that fall through the cracks.

Upload All Documents and Files

CSM replaces those employee folders and filing system. Store driver photos, certifications, license copies and more.

Drug Testing and Physicals

  • Electronically schedule your drug screens and DOT physicals
  • Over 5,000 electronically enabled collection points nationwide
  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratories
  • Certified Medical Review Officers for drug screens
  • NRCME Certified Medical Examiners for DOT physicals
  • Digitally completed DOT physicals