Small Fleet Management Software

Do you operate a small fleet and need help with small business fleet management? Look no further! Compliance Safety Manager, our online fleet management software, is your solution for day-to-day administrative tasks and making sure your records, documents and filing are DOT compliant. Seamless, paperless and easy to use, Compliance Safety Manager provides peace of mind so you can take care of business.

Bogged Down With Paperwork?

Our vehicle fleet management software allows small fleets to start out with a good solid foundation that is scalable. Don’t let DOT be a barrier to your growth. Flourish with Compliance Safety Manager, our comprehensive, cloud-based small fleet management software. It allows for complete asset management, effective vehicle strategies and enhanced efficiencies.


The BEST Fleet Management Software

Fully customizable and developed for all types of industries, Compliance Safety Manager offers affordable monthly rates and does not require a contract. Call today to find out about our discount advantages offered with annual subscriptions. Embrace the change with the best fleet management software.

Take Control of Compliance Issues

Change is hard. Compliance Safety Manager is Easy. Does your fleet seem out of control? The reality is, even if you have your fleet fully organized one missing document or one absent detail in accident reporting can result in a shut down. Our online fleet management is your trusted resource for:

  • Minimizing Legal Exposure
  • Optimizing Operations
  • Encouraging Smart Business Growth
  • Remaining DOT and FMCSA Compliant
Driver Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Compliance Safety Manager follows the forward momentum of technology and wants to take you with it. It’s time to stop struggling. Jump Aboard!

Our easy onboarding process includes phone support, a walk-through portal, videos and a glance at where you may have gaps in your compliance information. Sign up today or call to find out more details surrounding initial data uploading and onboarding.

Features to Help Small Fleets

If you own a small fleet, you probably wear many hats. These hats most likely include HR Manager, Safety Manager, Fleet Manager, Driver Operator and many more. As an office manager of a small fleet operation, you most likely do the same. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our vehicle fleet management software manages the day-to-day requirements and individual tasks necessary for DOT compliance and mandates set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It reduces the burden of manual spreadsheets and relentless DOT tracking.

Let Compliance Safety Manager handle it for you. You are just one person after all.

HR System

Our robust HR System is a widely used and successful component of our small fleet management software. Automate hiring processes, background checks, drug testing, training files, accident reporting and much more. Perform instant Hours of Service (HOS) audits; keep rigorous Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and meticulously maintain Roadside Inspection details.

Driver Files

Keep your drivers road ready with our small fleet management software. Electronically manage driver qualification, credential checklists, driver personal information, initial and ongoing training files. Dashboard alerts keep you on top of upcoming compliance issues such as Annual MVRs, DOT Physicals, OSHA training and certifications.

Drug Testing

Compliance Safety Manager offers a total solution for your drug testing needs. Our electronically scheduled drug screens provide access to over 5,000 clinics nationwide. Drug test requests take seconds to complete and you can send instructions to donor by text or email. All results report back to CSM which keeps the data in one easy-to-access system. Pricing includes specimen collection, testing by a SAMHSA certified lab, and review by a certified MRO. In addition, we offer a robust random selection service to insure you are compliant with DOT Random Testing rules.

CDL Applications

Keep track of CDL applications, approvals, renewals, replacements, endorsements and restrictions with our web based online fleet management system. Compliance Safety Manager maximizes efficiencies, keeps your drivers safe and your company compliant.

Core DOT Compliance Requirements

Small business fleet management is not for the faint at heart. Poor documentation can result in steep fines and lawsuits. Unorganized data can leave you vulnerable during a DOT audit. Make sure you can find what you need when the auditors come knocking. With Compliance Safety Manager, data retrieval is quick and efficient.

Compliance Safety Manager has everything you need to keep your small fleet compliant and safely on the road. It channels all DOT compliance regulations and keeps your critical information open to an unlimited amount of authorized users. If you are depending on one employee to manage your DOT compliance initiative, you could face big trouble should the inspectors show up on a sick day.

You and your staff will benefit from a reduction in time spent looking for vital records and unnecessary legal exposure. Be confident. Be compliant.