If you are in the trucking business, you most likely have heard of the delay in carrier registrations caused by the FMCSA’s failure to set up a new fee schedule for the 2018 Fiscal Year. Questions such as how to obtain permits and register are likely on your mind.  Here is what you need to know:

The FMCSA has notified all states to delay enforcement of the registration mandates pending 90 days after a decision from the FMCSA is released. This will also hinder United Carrier Registrations. Furthermore, the primary reason for the delay in 2018 registration is the decision by the FMCSA to reduce UCR fees by 9.10% in the upcoming year. Afterwards, in 2019, the fee for registration would further reduce by 4.5%. The second reason is the FMCSA’s inability to come to complete the rulemaking process for the fees and regulations.  Due to the delay by the FMCSA, carriers were told to withhold sending in their fees. Consequently, if fees are received, they will be returned.

Provided that one of the main requirements is related to the delay, it is helpful to understand all of the regulations required.  The United carrier Registration (UCR) is a federal regulation that streamlines the process of registering with the FMCSA for the next fiscal year and applying for permits. The UCR not only affects for-hire motor carriers, but impacts private motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies as well. Plans for reductions in this regulations are part of the reason for the delay.

The registration process is suspended indefinitely until the FMCSA comes to a decision. Consequently, the best thing for carriers to do is to make sure they meet all requirements for registration and permits ahead of time. The delay means more time to prepare, so they should wait for the FMCSA to make an announcement on the process.