How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

Save Big by Streamlining Processes

Perhaps your business streamlined processes a few years ago but has outgrown current procedures. Maybe your company is in need of more advanced tracking. Or, it could be you are doing your very best to keep up manually. Everyone has a unique situation.

Compliance Safety Manager has something in common with businesses, owners and operators liable to the FMCSA. As a one-stop solution to DOT compliance, it is perfect for all industries and fits into all situations.

What is Compliance Safety Manager?

Compliance Safety Manager is a powerful one-stop software solution that houses data, files and required documents safely in the cloud. It keeps owner/operators just like you from a financial nightmare.

Let’s imagine for a minute a world where you are not worried about a DOT audit. It’s a nice thought isn’t it? With Compliance Safety Manager, peace of mind isn’t just a perk; it’s a way of life.

How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

Avoid DOT Fines and Violations

Thinking about what is required to keep your company off the DOT radar can be overwhelming. It can be especially overwhelming for smaller companies, which may not have personnel allocated specifically to compliance efforts. We understand.

There is a solution…Compliance Safety Manager.

Compliance Safety Manager monitors DOT requirements such as Driver Qualification Files, Vehicle Maintenance Logs, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Accident Reporting and more.

Just one missing piece of information can result in a fine or violation. With CSM, you will have what you need whether it is for a roadside inspection or a DOT audit.

CSM is an Alert Based System to Keep You Compliant

We are fortunate in this day-and-age to have technology that prompts us to remember birthdays and doctor’s appointments. Now, imagine receiving alerts on vehicle maintenance and sending a driver for a drug screening.

Compliance Safety Manager handles all the memory work for you. As an alert based system, you will be notified of critical information and expiration warnings.

It’s your office within an office.

The System is Customizable

What good is information if it’s not relevant to your company? Compliance Safety Manager equips your company with necessary FMCSA, OSHA and DOT information and allows you to customize it to your unique needs.

Track and monitor third party vendors by linking their business with a service entry. Include critical company information in DVIR output, track spend by distributor, supplier, fuel vendor and more.

It is even possible to link accounting systems for comprehensive fleet management.

Compliance Safety Manager maintains complete Federal DOT compliance and can be customized for state regulations as well.

Peace of Mind that your Files are Securely Saved on the Cloud

We have a little secret for you…the DOT does not care if tragedy strikes or files are lost. During an audit, they want answers and it is your job to prove that your company is adhering to FMCSA regulations. That means providing requested documents and information.

 Moving information to the Cloud, keeps it safe from fire, loss and crazily enough, theft. If a natural disaster strikes, your information is protected.

 Paper files can be hard to track and they can get lost. No more looking for the needle in a haystack or waiting for an employee to retrieve data. Easily accessible to all team members, information is readily at your fingertips at all times.

And that means when you are out of the office and away from your filing system. With documents saved in the cloud, you can literally find what you need at any time of the day.

How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

The Systems is Easy to Use for Your Staff

Change is hard. Compliance Safety Manager is easy.

Compliance Safety Manager consolidates all information into one place. It alleviates the need to go to multiple spreadsheets, paper files and sometimes employees to retrieve information for one initiative. Data retrieval is quick and organized.

Regardless of your staff size, the system can be used by anyone on your team. Administrative staff, fleet managers, drivers and supervisors can all maintain access to data and files. Even mechanics and parts managers can be included so everyone can work together.

How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

Electronic Drug Testing

If you received a call in the middle of the night that a driver was in an accident, could you send that driver for a drug test within the required amount of time?

Compliance Safety Manager includes electronic drug testing, which allows you to send drivers for a drug test immediately. Our partnerships have in-network clinics within 85% of the US workforce. Our drug consortium is free for companies with less than 50 drivers.

Don’t lose your company over substance testing.

Pass Audits and Lower CSA Scores

Satisfactory ratings and low CSA score do a lot for business. They keep your fines and violations at a minimum, build confidence in your brand and make you favorable with insurance companies.  Sounds great, right?

Compliance Safety Manager handles all the details. From mud flap requirements to names and titles of company employees, you will be prepared for a roadside inspection and the requests of a DOT auditor.

CSM Can Help Mitigate Litigation

Increased regulations, fines and penalties have made DOT compliance a cumbersome process. Plus, challenging a violation will require an attorney and can result in a pending shutdown.

When dealing with the DOT, a missed deadline, a broken light or a missed maintenance checkup can add points to your CSA and cost you money in fines. Compliance Safety Manager is an affordable way to maintain compliance and mitigate litigation.

Compliance Safety Manager reduces risk and exposure for employers.

  • Tracks DOT requirements
  • Stays current with FMCSA industry updates
  • Allows for MVR and background check integration
  • Ensures 25/10 Compliance
  • Includes OSHA electronic accident reporting
  • And more

How Streamlining Your Business Can Save You Time & Money

Saves Your Staff Time, Which Saves You Money

The big build-up comes down to Saving Money….and Time is Money. Bottlenecks produce increased costs and inefficiency causes frustration.

With Compliance Safety Manager, your efforts are streamlined.

  • Instant access to documents.
  • Lessens downtime keeping your drivers on the road
  • Reduces Duplicate Efforts

Errors and delays can cost your company big money. Compliance Safety Manager improves business processes so you can take care of the day-to-day operations and stay off the DOT radar.

Increase the Value of Your Company

We’re no longer headed towards technology; we are in a world that lives by technology.  Investing in compliance software and online solutions is key to building a solid resale value. Compliance Safety Manager is a robust compliance tool that grows with your company.

  • The Cloud
  • Integrates Systems
  • Evolves with FMCSA, DOT and OSHA updates
  • Supports Multiple Users

Whether it’s a long way off or around the corner, you may want to retire someday. Compliance Safety Manager increases the resale value of your company, should you ever want to sell it.